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    Tonight 12.4 Million American Children Could Go to Bed without Having Enough to Eat.
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Food Rescue & Distribution

As you are reading this...

...12.4 million American children are living in food insecure households. It seems unreal that in one of the wealthiest nations of the world, little children are still going hungry. This is a problem we simply can’t ignore. The children are our future, and right now - the future depends on us.

Last year...

...Feeding America’s Hungry Children’s food rescue and distribution system helped provide over 1 million pounds of food to our nation’s needy children and their families. Through diligent stewardship, Feeding America’s Hungry Children minimizes administrative and fund raising costs; nearly 98.5% of all donations goes directly to feed hungry people. Please click on the “Finances” link above to see PDF versions of independent financial audits and 990’s which are filed each year with the IRS.

How We Rescue Food

One of our warehousesFeeding America’s Hungry Children receives food and grocery donations from
food growers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. These donations can include fresh, nutritious produce, kid-friendly snacks, non-perishables, and other products needed for a well-balanced diet.